Rancho Santa Teresa

Swim and Racquet Club

​286 Sorrento Way, San Jose 95119

office 408-227-5758

Independence Day Reservations (registration opens 6/25)

Independence Day is just around the corner and Rancho will be open for the Fourth of July! We will have COVID-19 restrictions in place, though, with only 90 people allowed in the facility at a time. The pool will be open from 11 AM - 9 PM, and households can reserve any of 5 different 1 hour 45 minute time slots on a first come, first serve basis. Just as a reminder, members will have to be in good standing and no guests will be allowed. To make it more fun, we will also have activities throughout the day in the diving well, such as the belly flop contest! We are all so excited to have you here for the Fourth of July!

You can also access the form directly from links on our Facebook page and from our website. For those who
are unable to fill out the form online, feel free to drop by Rancho during main pool hours and we can help fill it out for you!

Available Time Slots
11 AM - 12:45 PM

1 - 2:45 PM

3 - 4:45 PM

5 - 6:45 PM

7 -8:45 PM

Activity Schedule
12 PM  • Jump or Dive 

2 PM    • Belly Flop Contest

4 PM    • Treasure Hunt

6 PM    • Jump or Dive

8 PM    • Belly Flop Contest




We throw a great New Year's Eve party and celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day with style at the club. We are constantly offering opportunities for club members to get together, even if it's just to celebrate our beautiful, sunny days!

Upcoming Events at Rancho