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Due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer the wider variety of swim lessons that we have had in the past. However, we are offering private stroke clinics for swimmers who can swim one full length of the back pool, and in-water instruction from a distance for swimmers who are water safe. All of these types of lessons are private lessons, and when you are assigned to an instructor, the instructor will work with you to find a time. Please note that we will try to avoid scheduling swim lessons during busy hours when the pool is open. This means that it is unlikely that you will be able to schedule a lesson between 2 PM and 6 PM.

Swim Clinics
Swim stroke clinics will be taught from outside the water, where our instructors will verbally communicate to the swimmer how to improve their technique. The instructor will not be in the water demonstrating, so it is recommended that the swimmer they will be teaching be able to pay attention to their instructor. Swimmers must be able to swim one full length of the adult pool. This is a good lesson for swimmers trying to improve on a specific stroke, or building endurance in the water.

Distance Teaching
This lesson is designed for swimmers who are water-safe, meaning that they are able to jump into a body of water and swim to the edge. Our instructors will be in the water with them, but are not there to keep the swimmer afloat, only to instruct them. Your child will be taught how to swim with supporting items, such as kickboards, noodles, and q-tips, but none of these items are life-saving devices, thus your swimmer must be water-safe, and cannot rely solely on the devices used for instruction to stay afloat.

Full-Contact Lessons
Full-Contact Swim lessons are our normal lessons where an instructor will be in the water with the student, teaching them how to swim. This lesson caters to all levels of swimming. Please note that our instructors will not be wearing masks, in line with what the CDC guidelines say about masks in the water. These lessons will not be available until restrictions on les- sons lososen to allow for full contact between members not of the same household. If you are interested in a full contact swim lesson, and would like to be notified if/when we are able to offer them, please fill out the Full-Contact swim lesson form and we will add you to our interested list.

INDIVIDUAL Private Swim Lesson Registration
6 Lessons:Member: $200/ Non-Member: $280
4 Lessons:Member: $140/ Non-Member: $190

SEMI-PRIVATE (For 2 members of the same household) Semi-Private Swim Lesson Registration
6 Lessons: Member: $150/student / Non-Member: $210/student

4 Lessons: Member: $105/student / Non-Member: $145/student

If you have any questions, feel free to call the RSTSRC office during Main Pool Hours at 408-227-5758 and ask for a supervisor, or e-mail swim.instructor@ranchosantateresa.org.


swim.instructor@ranchosantateresa.org or call 408-227-5758 during Main Pool Hours. Feel free to come in and get a paper brochure, or have a staff member fill out a form for you.


We offer group and private swim lessons in the main pool each year.  Registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Private Swim Lesson Registration
Semi-Private Swim Lesson Registration
Full-Contact Swim Lesson (Reservations Only)

Swim Lessons at RSTSRC

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