Rancho Santa Teresa

Swim and Racquet Club

​286 Sorrento Way, San Jose 95119

office 408-227-5758


Painting: interior clubhouse and exterior wood-trim. Lounge carpet replaced and four (4) new lounge sofas purchased.  New chlorinator motor purchased. Restroom dividers (men's and women's) installed. Partial roof repair (upper building).  Gas line: 400ft. of Natural Gas line was replaced connecting the Wading Pool Heater and Main Hall Heating Systems

Lifeguard Chair and Lighting Improvement, New Freezer. Wading Pool Building Repaired,  Uperdeck Windscreens, Spa Caulking and 14 New Round Tables

Main Pool Concrete Replacement and ADA Chairlift installation

2013 Pool Deck Replacement

Wading Pool Electrical Updates; Pump Building Repairs; New Programmable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pumps for the Adult, Spa and a Programmable VFD Controller for the Main Pool Pump was added; Bar Area Arbor repainted

Completed Projects

At Rancho Santa Teresa Swim and Racquet Club we are constantly updating and improving our facilities. The Tower Report is prepared by an independent assessor who evaluates the lifetime of compontents within the club and creates a plan of repair and replacement. This report complies with California Civil Code  5550 and 5570.

Projects at RSTSRC

Internet was upgraded to 40 Megabits U-verse service and expanded coverage for the Pool Deck and Hall. Three Wi Fi Transmission points were added. New pool covers purchased.  Parking lot and drive through lots re-slurryed.  New ice machine installed.  Natural gas line to main hall and wading pool repaired