Rancho Santa Teresa

Swim and Racquet Club

​286 Sorrento Way, San Jose 95119

office 408-227-5758

fax 408-225-6325


I am saddened by the news that our long-time board member and previous president Norm Collier has passed away. Norm was an advocate of our club and was responsible for many improvements to our community. He initiated the Friday morning coffee club, planned and managed many projects and helped with various tasks wherever he could. He dedicated endless hours in which he worked with contractors or Luke to either fix or improve our club. I respected him as a valuable board member I always could rely on. He will be deeply missed by the whole board. My heart goes out to his family and I wish them the strength they need during this difficult time.

I also want to let you know that our office coordinator, Alana Martinez, has decided to leave Rancho. At this point I want to thank her for her work during the last four years where she ensured proper office operation by making sure that bills are paid, assessments are collected, hall and lounge rentals are possible, newsletter are generated and many other tasks. While the Board of Directors is in the process tofind a replacement, Amy Raczkowski will help to keep the office afloat. However, due to time constraintswe need to temporary close the office for the members. Please send all inquiries via email to office@ranchosantateresa.org or leave a phone message. If you are interested working for the best Cabana Club in the valley, please send an email to directors@ranchosantateresa.org. We are looking for an individual who can support the board and club in all matters and is also willing to work some evenings and weekends.

We are currently undergoing a financial review by an independent certified public accountant. This review is required by law every year and has the purpose to ensure that we are acting financially responsible. We will present the results at out upcoming membership meeting on April 12.

During the last board meeting, the Board of Directors approved the draft for our new by-laws and will bring it to the member vote April 12. We were initially hoping to bring it to a vote by end of March but since the voting process is quite complex and due to some resource constraints, it was not possible. In the upcoming days you will receive the voting package, consisting of cover letter, voting instructions, FAQs, voting ballot with two voting envelopes and a copy of the complete by-law draft. Please read this important information carefully. All ballots will be opened and counted at a meeting set for 7 p.m. on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 286 Sorrento Way, San Jose, CA 95119. If you have any questions regarding the voting, we have allocated some time at our next board meeting on Monday March 18 to answer your questions.

It is important that you participate in this voting. At least 20% of the members must submit their ballot in order for the ballots to be counted and declare as a valid vote. For the new by-laws to pass, two-thirds (2/3) of all submitted ballots must be in favor to approve the new by-laws.

In order to streamline our business operations, the board of directors has decided to distribute the newsletter only electronically via our website starting in May. However, we will also send an email to allmembers, in the case we have them on file, with the link. We will also have some printed copies at ourclub for pickup. Currently we have roughly 50% of the email addresses available. If you want to add yours to the list please send an email with your name, address and the emails you want to add to the list to office@ranchosantateresa.org.

That’s it for now.

Sincerely yours,
Dirk Seidel, President 

March 2019 President's Message