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In addition, we received good feedback on what to improve. For example, as some of our members are getting older, they would like to see more activities for their age group. Furthermore, there is a strong desire to provide easier and safer access to our facility. Improving shade with better umbrellas and more chairs was another hot topic. Many of our members are looking for more activities during the off-season like poker, bridge or other game nights. Simplifying dues payments and hall rentals through an online system came up a couple times as well. Some members wished to adjust the swim hours during the summer as well as lap swim times during the winter. The board is taking your feedback seriously. While we may not be able to implement all requests, I can ensure you that we will do our best to make our club an even better place and some of the improvements will be implemented over the winter.

During our last Fall Membership Meeting we had many more attendees than usual. Many members came in the hour before the meeting and turned in their ballot leading to a record participation. This is pretty encouraging as we can see that you care about the club.

As we are shutting down the adult pool for the winter season (November-March), I’d like to ask the members who want to swim during this time to send a quick note to office@ranchosantateresa.org with their preferred time, as we are investigating if it makes sense to increase the lap swim hours. 


Hello Rancho Members,

As the year is coming closer to an end, I would like to recap our last membership meeting and outline what will happen at the club during the winter time. First I’d like to share some of the survey results with you. 

Dirk Seidel, President 

president@ranchosantateresa.org or directors@ranchosantateresa.org.

November 2017 President's Message