Rancho Santa Teresa

Swim and Racquet Club

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Dear Members and Families,

April is finally here and we are now open for the season. Due to some schedule issues with our summer staff training we had to postpone our opening day by two days. Our first splash is on Monday the 2nd at 12 noon and not as initially planned on Saturday the 31st after the Easter Egg Hunt. We are planning to be open during spring break from 12noon to 7pm. However, if there are not enough members at the pool and temperatures are low, we may consider closing early. So if you want to swim and are not sure if the pool is open, please check our Facebook page first for updates on pool hours.

The Adult pool is now fully up and running again after its winter closure. We analyzed our utility cost and I am happy to report that the 4 month shut down resulted in approximately $3,200 in cost savings. We will most likely close the adult pool again next winter and in return extend our lap swim time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I would like to remind the members who are swimming early in the morning to cover up the pool after they are done with their morning swimming in order to save utility costs.

The board made some progress in the planning of the main building front entrance redesign. During our last survey we had many members requesting easier and safer access to the main building. The stairs and walkway are showing some increasing cracks. We will post our plan soon at the club so you can see how it will look.

During our last board meeting the board approved the removal of the large pine tree at the pool entrance. Even though it is a nice tree it is in a very inconvenient location. It sits right next to our gas line and pump house. In addition, it makes a lot of dirt which ends up in the pools and pumps which can cause damage. As safety is our number one priority, we decided for removal. We will probably plant one or two new trees at a different location.

We will have a gradual roll out of our new access control system. So don’t worry, if you have not provided your contact information at the beginning of the season. You have almost the whole summer for that. We will use the old system at least until August. This should ensure that all members will have the chance to update their contact information, have their new pictures taken and receive their new key fob. You can turn in your updated household datasheet now but we will only start taking pictures and giving out the new key fobs in May. Please check the upcoming newsletters for more details. 

Sincerely yours,

Dirk Seidel, President 


or directors@ranchosantateresa.org.

April 2018 President's Message