Rancho Santa Teresa

Swim and Racquet Club

‚Äč286 Sorrento Way, San Jose 95119

office 408-227-5758


Hello Neighbors! 
Believe it or not, we are moving into the final month of the main season, kicking off with Labor Day, where the staff has planned some socially distanced activities across the day.  No reservations will be required but the wristband system will still be in effect. With COVID cutting into our opening this year and most of our kids doing school from home, we are going to extend the current main pool hours through October 4th! We will be open Monday-Thursday from 3:30-6:30, Friday 3:30-7:30; Saturday 12:30-9 and Sunday 12:30-7:30. If there is more staff than members at the pool during the last hour, we will close early. If that happens, it will be announced via Facebook. (Follow us @RanchoST.)
Nominations for new board member elections are due to the office no later than September 6th. There are 3 positions opening up this year and the current board members are planning on running for re-election.  With the new California election laws, If we have more than 3 candidates, we will be running the election over the next few months, starting in September and ending on November 16th at the Fall Election Board Meeting. 
We are working with 5 companies to get official bids in place for the solar system. With the complexity involved and the impact COVID has had in the permit and inspection process, we are targeting to start installation later this year and expect it to be completed in 2021. We will keep you all up to date via the newsletter as things get more aligned and specific plans get put in place.
Our supervisors and staff have done a fantastic job in a very strange, dynamic and difficult season. Their flexibility, energy and dedication have made a real difference to our member experience and to making my life much easier :)  Please feel free to let them know what a great job they have done as they finish off the season.

Terrie Jacopi

RSTSRC President

President's Message September 2020