Neighborhood Safety
We have had a string of break-ins lately that remind us that no neighborhood is immune to

crime. If everyone is watching out for each other, then we can build up our sense of community

and help each other out. Here are a few reminders and recommendations for everyone in the


  1. Work together with your neighbors; get to know who lives around you.
  2. Watch for and report suspicious or unusual behavior. Remember that we are not vigilantes, so don’t assume the role of police yourself.
  3. Physical conditions like abandoned cars or dark and overgrown lots contribute to crime. Clean up your yard, or help your neighbors to clean up their yards, and turn on outdoor lights at night.
  4. Lock up your doors, windows, and cars and set your home alarm if you have it.
  5. If your older children are home alone, make sure your alarm is set and the doors and windows are locked. Make sure they have a landline to use in the event of an emergency.
  6. Help your children to learn important phone numbers like your work or cell phone numbers. Make sure they know to call 408-277-8911 from their cell or 911 from a landline first before calling Mom, even. The Police can’t respond if they don’t get a call.
  7. Choose a safe house nearby for your children to go to if they need help.
  8. Know your children’s friends and encourage your older children to get involved in positive school and community activities.

Meetings can be organized for specific streets in the Rancho Santa Teresa Swim & Racquet Club area. Neighborhood watch meetings are organized by street. If your street is not being included, then you can organize your own meeting by calling Sonia Azevedo, Crime Prevention Specialist at 408-277-4133 or but you need a minimum of 10 people. If your meeting is going to be held at the Club please call the office at 408-277-5758 for scheduling. Source:

To help speed check-in, all adults and children 14 and over can use their key fobs. This greatly simplifies the process and helps us ensure current COVID-19 measures are being properly followed. If you lost your fob, your fob isn’t working, or you never received one, please arrange an appointment by contacting Christine Francis at

If you do not have a photo or the photo doesn’t look like you anymore, Christine can help get your photo updated as well.

Pool Open

​The pool will open June 6-7 from 12:30-6:30, close June 8-9 for new staff training, and then reopen June 10 for the summer . Please read and understand the new COVID-19 operating rules below. COVID Sign In Sheet

The latest Santa Clara County SIP Order update allows outdoor pools to open. The required paperwork is filed and we have our COVID-19 prepared checkmark. The Board has worked hard trying to understand and create a policy that best represents the desires of our members while operating within the guidance provided by local, state and federal agencies and examples from other private local pools and recreational facilities. While the Centers for Disease Control reports that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in swimming pools, participation is at your own risk and maintaining social distancing is a personal responsibility.

We ask that everyone be patient with the staff and each other and to please adhere to the guidelines below. We will continue to adapt and adjust as we work to ensure the safety of our members.

New COVID-19 Operating Rules:

  • Do not come to the pool if you have a temperature of 100+ or if you have been sick within the last 72 hours.
  • Employees must have their temperature checked at arrival.
  • All members must check-in at the window and be verified.
  1. If you do not have a current photo in the system, bring your id.
  2. You will also need to initial that you acknowledge and accept the potential risk of COVID-19 infection for you and your family and that you will follow the guidelines.
  3. Pool usage is limited to no more than 25% of capacity. Total facility capacity limited to no more than 90 people.
  4. No guests or pool parties are allowed.
  5. Members receive a colored wrist band at check-in. If we reach capacity,members who have been at the pool the longest, based on the bands, will be asked to leave the pool so others can have their turn. Each band color will cover a set 2-hour window.
  6. Members are responsible for social distancing with people not in your household.

  • Masks are required at check-in and are recommended when not in the pool or when interacting with anyone outside of your household. Masks cannot be worn in the pool.
  • Tables will be set apart to encourage proper social distancing and can only be shared within the same household. Please do not move the tables. Chairs must be at least 6 feet apart for anyone not in the same household. Self-service disinfecting stations are available for members to re-clean tables and chairs before use. You may also bring your own chairs.
  • Showers and Game Room are closed; No check-out of shared equipment.
  • The drive-thru parking lot will not be open, please use the back-parking lot or walk.
  • No club sponsored activities are scheduled (e.g., 4th of July, movie nights, swim lessons).
  • Morning lap swim is available (M,W,F , 5-7 am). No lifeguards are on duty. Members are responsible for following proper social distancing guidelines.
  • Hall rentals are not available. Lounge rentals are available for 12 people or less.

Staff will be cleaning and disinfecting common areas regularly throughout the day. Self-service disinfecting stations will be available for members to re-clean tables and chairs before using. We are counting on you to respect your neighbors and follow social distancing guidelines while at the facility. The primary role of the staff will be lifeguarding and cleaning, not social distancing enforcement.

Our official Social Distancing Protocol is available at the club office for review upon request and will be update frequently as required. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Board directly.

Terrie Jacopi 
RSTSRC Board President

The General Pool Rules & Regulations have been updated to accurately communicate current procedures, practices and prices. All members are responsible for understanding and complying with the latest version of facility rules. The current rules are available for download at and a printed copy is posted on the marquee.

In particular, please note the updated Back Pool rules:

  • When the Main Pool is open and staffed with lifeguards, the Back Pool is open only to those 14 and over.
  • When the Main Pool is closed, children under 14 must have direct, non-distracted adult supervision..

Updated Communications Policy and Elections Rules​ - June 2020

Electronic Communication Policy

Election Rules

Club Dues (Dues PDF)
3rd Quarter Dues are due July 1, 2020. If your payment is received after the 15th, a $10 late fee will be added. THIS IS YOUR DUES NOTICE. We do not mail invoices to save costs. You can set up auto pay through your bank or put your check in the club mailbox located near the hall steps on Sorrento Way. Write checks payable to RSTSRC.​

NOTE: Dues are $400 per year (or $100 per quarter: Jan-Apr-July-Oct). Payments must be received in the office by the 15th of the month/quarter or a $10 late fee will be added.
If you pay $400 by January 31, you will be allotted 12 FREE guest passes at the window.

Detailed rules and Club’s collection policy are available in the office. We have the privilege of membership in this great Club and all households in our neighborhood share in its care and vitality.

Email List
It is vital the club keeps current records of its members. If your mailing address has changed, or the club does not have your email address, call or email the office with an update.​


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