Rancho Santa Teresa

Swim and Racquet Club

​286 Sorrento Way, San Jose 95119

office 408-227-5758


Interested members should submit a candidacy letter, which should be a single paragraph statement not to exceed 300 words in length. We prefer that candidacy letters are submitted via email to office@ranchosantateresa.org with the subject line “Candidacy Letter.” You can also drop off a hard copy to the Club mailbox located on the stairs up to the Hall at 286 Sorrento Way. Please also e-mail a headshot of the candidate to the office to be featured with the infor- mation in the ballot package.

Candidate and Director Qualifications: Members must meet the qualifications in the subsections hereafter to be eligible for nomination as a candidate for, or to serve as a Director on, the Board. Any dispute about whether any of these qualifications are met and, if not, whether a nominee or Director must be disqualified from running for office or serving on the Board, must be made at a properly noticed disciplinary hearing conducted at an executive session Board meeting.

  1. Candidates Must Be Members. The Association must disqualify the nomination of a candidate who is not a Member of the Association at the time of nomination. Proof of membership must be a recorded deed. Persons holding a fee simple interest in a Separate Interest merely as security for the performance of an obligation are not eligible to either be a candidate for or to serve on the Board.
  2. Prior Ownership for One Year. To be eligible for nomination and/or to serve on the Board, a candidate for the Board or serving as a Director must be the record Owner of a Separate Interest for a period of at least one year.
  3. Member in Good Standing. To be eligible for nomination and/or to serve on the Board, the person or impersonal entity must not be delinquent by more than sixty (60) days in the payment of any regular or special Assessment (following proper notice, hearing, and a finding by the Board), except:
    1. A person may not be disqualified from nomination for nonpayment of fines, fines characterized as assessments, collection charges, late charges or costs levied by a third party.
    2. A person may not be disqualified from nomination because the person has paid the regular or special assessment under protest.
    3. A person may not be disqualified from nomination due to delinquent assessments if the person has entered into a payment plan with the Association pursuant to Civil Code §5665 and is fulfilling the terms of the payment plan.
  4. Co-Owners Eligible for only One Position. To be eligible for nomination and/or to serve on the Board, the person or impersonal entity must not have a record fee simple ownership interest in a Separate Interest which is part of the Development with another person or impersonal entity concurrently serving as a Director. Where two or more co-owners concurrently seek election to the Board, only the first nomination will be effective.
  5. Criminal Conviction. A person who has disclosed, or concerning whom the Board has become aware, of a past criminal conviction that would, if the person is elected, either prevent the Association from purchasing the fidelity bond coverage required by Civil Code §5806, or anysuccessor statute, or which conviction would cause such coverage to be terminated, is ineligible for nomination to the Board. Each nominee, at the time of nomination, shall disclose the existence of any past criminal conviction and the details thereof, with sufficient details in order to allow the Association to determine whether the criminal conviction will prevent the Association from purchasing the required fidelity bond coverage.
  6. Internal Dispute Resolution. Before any candidate for nomination or serving Director may be disqualified, the person or impersonal entity must be provided the opportunity to engage in internal dispute resolution as provided in the Davis Stirling Act.

The By-Laws and updated Election rules can be reviewed at the club’s website (Member Documents) or at the club’s office.


• 9/6 – Acceptance of Candidacy Letters closed
• 9/7 – Candidate Registration List and Voter List available for review at the club
• 10/13 – Ballot Packages will be put in the mail to members (if nominations exceed 3 candidates) • 11/16 – November Board Meeting & Election Count will occur in the club at 7 pm.

Please feel free to contact the Board of Directors at directors@ranchosantateresa.org with any questions regarding the updated election process.

Call For Board Of Directors Candidacy Submissions